Tweets from Last Night – 6/24/10

I finally just got to sit down yesterday and watch the Phillies.  It’s basically the first time I’ve been able to do that in about a week, but it felt like forever of course.

I was also happy that the Nicolas Mahut/John Isner epic battle ended before the game started, because I wasn’t trying to miss that either.

Anyways, I sat down at 1:00, Pepsi in hand, ready to watch Big Joe turn it around.

Indians @ Phillies

Fausto Carmona v. Joe Blanton

“Phillies might have to get used to Carmona, I heard the Mets are interested.”
Not sure if this is true, and I’m not sure if the trade will even happen, either way, I was interested to see how we did against him.

“Jimmy getting the day off, better safe than sorry, not to mention, Wilson Valdez just got a knock to load the bases.”
Good timing, seeing as how he got the hit as I was writing the first part of this down.  Seriously though, I don’t mind Jimmy being sat once and a while.  We need him healthy.

“Just saw Sardinha in AAA, now, his first Phillies start and AB.”
Dane Sardinha, just here to bring some more Hawaiian flavor to the Phils.

“Nice error by the super prospect Carlos Santana, brings in two runs, and then Blanton gets hit by the next pitch thrown.  Bases loaded, no outs, once again.”
Santana just flat out didn’t make the catch that would have made it bases loaded, one out.  Instead, two runs score.  Then, Carmona loses the next pitch and puts Blanton on for free.

“Boy, Shelley Duncan hasn’t changed a bit since his days with the Yankees, stills plays hard, and reckless.”
He took a hard slide into the concrete below the padding on the left field wall in foul territory.  The only way to describe Shelley is bull in a china shop, without a doubt.

“And Charlie gets tossed again!  Second ejection in three games this series.”
I guess he doesn’t want to see much of his old club.  Or, he’s just sick and tired of the umps.  Greg Gibson looks like he said something that really put him over the edge.  Ah well, hot day, I wouldn’t want to be in that dugout either.

“Hopefully the 5 runs early can help get Joe back to his old self.”
Joe hasn’t been all that good thus far in 2010, but he’s looking better today.

“Branyan really just bunted to beat the shift, Ryan Howard, I hope you were watching.”
Seriously?  I give Big Russ credit, most guys don’t go that, and they should.

“Nice to see former Phillie prospect Jason Donald, it’s a shame Lou Marson couldn’t be here too.”
I always liked Lou Marson, I was disappointed to see him go.  As for Donald, it’s good he’s getting some big league action.

“That’s what happens when you drop easy pop-ups.  Thanks Placido.”
After Polanco drops the ball in foul territory, Jason Donald decides to show the Phillies what they’re missing as he smacks a 2-run bomb.

“Some more runs here for the Phils, and that’ll call it a day for Fausto.”
It felt good to rough him up a little bit here today, although, his defense beat him worse than we did.

“How about Dane Sardinha!”
First major league homer, right here in ol’ Philadelphia.  Nice to see.

“All is forgiven Placido.  This is a fine game indeed, 12-2 going into the 7th.”
After this, I went searching around for other things to watch.  It’s nice to be comfortable enough with a game to look elsewhere.


Well, I get to graduate from High School today, although, I have to miss Roy Halladay face his old club.  Giveth and taketh away, how true it is.

Tweets from Last Night – 6/15/10 – Cody Ransom against the Fans

It’s almost as if I knew how it was going to go.  While I wanted to see the Roy Halladay/CC Sabathia matchup, I decided I was going to take the chance and go see the hometown Bisons take on the AAA Phillies (the Lehigh Valley IronPigs of course).  I hoped that going to the game might bring the real Phillies some luck.  Clearly, I couldn’t have been more wrong.  It was torture looking at the scoreboard in Coca-Cola Field seeing the Yankees continue to pile up runs.  That’s about all I want to say about that.  I’m on the verge of doing something drastic to change these Phillie ways.

IronPigs @ Bisons

Joe Savery v. Dylan Owen

“Hope to see some of Willy Taveras’ speed tonight.”
He’s batting about .261 in AAA for the Pigs, but you can really see the speed he has when you’re here live.  He ended up beating out a grounder later in the game, and then stole a base.

“John Mayberry is here too, one of my favorite Phillie prospects.”
He truly is, I remember the power I saw from him in Spring of ’09.  He has 9 homers with at .275 batting average in AAA, I hope to see him make a splash in the bigs someday soon.

“Mike Jacobs has taken of the role of main power threat for the Bisons now that Hess is on the DL.”
I can’t explain to you all how fun it was to watch Mike Hessman smash the baseball, it’s a shame he got injured.  See you in a month Hess.

“Fernando Martinez is in the lineup too, I thought he was in the majors already!” 
I don’t really mean that, I’m just laughing at the fact that he was basically a God last year in the eyes of the Mets, yet here he is in AAA.  Batting about .270 as well.

“Jonathan Malo RBI triple in his first AAA at bat.”
Nice to see for the kid, he looked like he could really fly too, he was at third before I knew what happened.”

“Dylan Owen – the pitcher – with an RBI single to drive Melo in, good lord.”
It started getting ugly for Savery, who was just given the lead.  His night only got worse.  6 runs in 5 innings, with another L in the column.

“Got some rowdy fans here getting on IronPigs shortstop Melvin Dorta and 3rd basemen Cody Ransom, a bunch of drunken simpletons.”
I don’t quite understand what they were trying to accomplish, get a few laughs out of the empty stadium I guess.

Things really began to heat up though, more so than I’ve ever seen at a live game.  It’s the bottom of the 8th, Ransom was playing the field, the three rowdy fans from before are still chanting at him, like they have been all night.  After the final out, Ransom looks up to them and tells them to meet him in the parking lot after the game!  All the IronPigs players, while in the dugout, start looking back at the three guys.  A minute or two later, the umpire, from home plate, throws out the fans like he would a manager or a player!  Security starts walking towards the guys, and they talk for a while.  Figuring the game was basically over, they were allowed to stay.  Ransom ends up being the final out of the game, and the three guys start yelling again.  After the out, he starts walking in their direction and he again tells them to meet him in the parking lot!  The fans were escorted out by security, and all the IronPigs were getting a good look at the guys as they were leaving.

Wow, I had a perfect seat for all of that.  The guys were about 7 rows below me, but I couldn’t hear all they were saying.  Apparently, the guys started to say things about Ransom’s wife.  As we were walking out there were a lot of different opinions from fans.  Some said that Ransom should have been more professional, which may be true.  Others said that when you start talking about a guys wife, it goes a little too far.  I personally agree with the latter.  When casual heckling turns into family matters, it goes a little too far.  Not to mention, how much of that can a guy take?  I side with Cody Ransom.

Tweets from Last Night – 6/14/10

Well, not a whole lot going on yesterday.  One game at 7:00, three at 10:00.  I was only home for the 7:00 game, so it’s the main event of this debut of Tweets from Last Night.

Mariners @ Cardinals

Luke French v. Adam Wainwright

“Nice swing by Ichiro, looks like he really can hit homers on command.”
Pretty incredible really, I’ve always heard that he puts on incredible shows during batting practice, and he does it here, for only his second big fly of the year.

“For some reason, I like any pitcher who wears the Pitchers Goggles”
Now that is what I call a good look for a pitcher.  I’ve always had this thing for the glasses, it just makes one look better than they are.

luke.jpg“Well, he was tearing up AAA, he’d probably rather be back there right about now”
After getting a 2-run lead in the 1st, French gives up a 3-run bomb to Ryan Ludwick.

“I like to believe I know a whole lot about baseball, but who in the world is Mike Carp?”
Seriously.  I think I’ve heard of him before, but clearly he didn’t stick in my mind.

“He took off the goggles to bat?”
He certainly did, I guess they wouldn’t help him hit.

“Niehaus just called that liner by Wainwright.”
Good call Dave Niehaus.  He was laughing about how a guy batting .114 shouldn’t be hitting 8th.  Then he further went on to joke and say “Watch him hit a rope.”  Wainwright certainly did.

“Brendan Ryan, you are fashion.  A justache and high striped socks.”
I remember he rocked the justache (moustache without any other facial hair) last year, but I thought that was something the team did for a little while.  He belongs on that D-backs team from a few years ago.

Brendan.jpg“That is why Franklin Gutierrez is who he is, he almost beat Holliday.”
Certainly he is one of the most underrated defenders in the game.  He made a normally easy run much closer than expected, I actually thought he was called out.

“Now a walk for Wainwright!  Take that Hall of Famer Dave Niehaus!”
This never would have happened if nothing was said before his first at bat.

“I cannot believe how low these Mariner batting averages are.”
I haven’t seen many Mariner games this year, but it was amazing how low everyone is, after Ichiro of course.

“Remember When: Remember when Ian Snell was the Pirates ace?”
I know I do, althought that didn’t last very long, and look at where he is now, doing clean-up duty for Luke French.

Ian.jpg“I am without a doubt a Colby Rasmus fan, he is a good young player.”
This comes after a homer was smashed by Rasmus to right-center, to put the game in the bag.


As a matter of fact, that was all I had from this game.  After the homer, the score was 8-2, and, quite frankly, that isn’t much of a game anymore.  I hope the new format is alright, because, as of right now, I’m liking it.  We’ll see where this goes. 

A New Direction for The Pitcher’s Duel

My old format has really done a lot for me.

It got a quote of mine featured on the homepage.

It was featured on the homepage of

It showed me that baseball writing was something I really want to do.

However, it is time for a change.

One could only go for so long doing what I was.  My blogs weren’t exactly original or really what I had a passion for.

I was introduced to something by a dear friend, none other than Twitter.

When Twitter was first introduced to the masses, I really didn’t see the point to it.  So I just put what I’m doing?  I already do something along those lines on facebook, why would I need Twitter?

Well, there are a lot of very interesting people on Twitter.  Sports writers, athletes, bands, movie stars, you name it.  I figured that it was pretty alright.

One problem with it is, I’m just some random dude from Buffalo and nobody follows me.

I need the world to see my baseball-related tweets, and it just hit me that this would be the perfect place to show them.

I figured, I would watch the games, tweet numerous times during the game, like I usually do, and then, post them on here.  That way, the world (or our little blogging world anyways) could see my thoughts.

I don’t know how well it’ll work, but I figured that this gives me direction, which I need when it comes to blogging.

It won’t just be on Phillies games either.  I watch a whole lot of baseball, and I have a whole lot of thoughts on it.

I look forward to putting my comments on here, just to see how it goes. 

It’s a light schedule tomorrow, so I don’t know if that would be a good or bad place to start.  We’ll just have to see what happens.

And the Winner is: Dallas Braden

The wheel has come full circle.

Those who didn’t know him, know him now.

Alex Rodriguez was proven wrong, and Dallas Braden is on your radar now.

braden1.jpgOf all the baseball I have watched in my life, this is the one game I regret missing.  Sadly enough, I had to work, and then I had to go to Mother’s Day dinner, so I didn’t see a one second of this miraculous ballgame.  A good friend was kind enough to text me and ask me if I saw the perfect game.  I had no idea what she was talking about, but I frantically ran to the computer to see what she was talking about.

When I saw Dallas Braden’s picture show up on the homepage, I absolutely lit up.

I’ve always known of Braden.  What I knew about him was that he was a lefty, he threw slow, he once had some crazy sort of afro, and he had an outstanding pick-off move.

I’ve grown to really like him ever since I heard what the “great” Alex Rodriguez had to say about him.

Alex Rodriguez completely belittled Dallas Braden, saying things that only the bush league Alex Rodriguez could say.  I’m sorry that Dallas only has a “handful of wins” in his career, but he decided to play the game the right way.  He didn’t decide to cheat, and he probably won’t, because he’s actually a good person with a real conscious (something even A-Rod can’t buy).  Alex has no right to insult anyone, especially someone with a much better character than his.

So yes, after hearing a little-known underdog like Dallas Braden go after the scum that is Alex Rodriguez is, I was completely in Braden’s corner.  Any real baseball fan should be in his corner as well.

Obviously, after this throwdown in Oakland, I kept a close eye on the starts that Braden made.  Sadly, I was disappointed to see him lose his next two starts.

Maybe the critics were right for be on A-Rod’s side.

Maybe Braden would just drift away and never be heard from again.

So he is scheduled to pitch on Mother’s Day, against the Rays (whom he just lost to), in front of a section of people from Stockton, California.  These people got their tickets at half-price, just because they were from Braden’s hometown of Stockton.

In front of the people in section 209, in front of his grandmother, in front of the watchful eyes of his mother who passed away from cancer when he was a senior in high school, Dallas Braden threw a Perfect Game.

He threw a Perfect Game on the day when pink becomes a central part of the game, all for the purpose of cancer awareness.  I don’t imagine there could be a better mothers day present.

The hug with his grandmother almost brought a tear to my eye (I’m sure it brought tears to plenty of people).  It truly was a beautiful thing to see.

braden2.jpgAlex Rodriguez, this is what people won’t do for you.

You may be breaking the Home Run record someday, but true baseball people won’t care.  You’ll be no better than Barry Bonds.  Just another cheater who stole the record from Hank Aaron. 

While Bonds was anti-media, and basically anti-teammate, Alex Rodriguez is anti-morals.

He cheats on his wife, he cheats the game, and he is immature and self-centered.

The more one thinks about it, he really is no better than Barry Bonds.

That is why, without a doubt, Dallas Braden is the winner of the spat.  Dallas Braden defeated Alex Rodriguez.  He went out and threw a Perfect Game, something only 18 other pitchers have ever done. 

He didn’t have to cheat to do it (not the game or a loved one).

He didn’t have to yell when a member of the Rays was about to catch a pop-fly.

He didn’t have to knock a ball out of anybody’s hands.

All he did was go out there with his 85 mph fastball, his changeup, and his sinker and beat the Tampa Bay Rays (the best team in the league).

Dallas Braden, you are forever better than Alex Rodriguez, real baseball people know this.

braden3.jpg*Just as I was looking for pictures to put on here, I saw that Darryl Strawberry has taken Alex Rodriguez’s side against Dallas Braden.  I find it amusing.  It’s amusing because Strawberry is someone who has cheated on his wife, abused his wife, abused alcohol, amphetamines, and cocaine.  Isn’t that just the kind of person you want on your side?  Strawberry’s past automatically gives the win to Braden once again.  Braden is 2-0 in his career against people speaking out against him.

An Interesting Game, and Someone to Watch

On Sunday, at Dodger Stadium in ol’ Chavez Ravine, Clayton Kershaw took the mound against Barry Zito and the Giants. 

From the outside, this looks like it could be an alright matchup, probably nothing that would leave people talking about it. 

However, this game still has me thinking about it.

I love the contrast in styles that these two pitchers have.  Each pitcher is quite capable of getting hitters out, but they go at it in completely different ways.

Kershaw.jpgClayton Kershaw:
Kershaw is the typical powerful young pitcher who throws very hard for a lefty.  He has that very nasty 12-6 curve, which also makes him different from your average southpaw pitcher.  I’m used to seeing big, sweeping benders from the lefties, and I’m also not used to seeing them hit 98.  So Kershaw uses that to his advantage, he isn’t your average pitcher out there.  With all his power comes strikeouts, and with strikeouts come walks.  On Sunday, Kershaw pitched 7 innings, gave up one run, allowed four hits, walked four, and struck out nine.  That is a pretty good day in my opinion, walks may have been a little high, but he still got the job done.

Zito.jpgBarry Zito:
We all know Zito, we know what he does (massive sweeping curveball), we know what he throws (mid to high 80’s fastball), and we know his game plan (put the ball in the strike zone).  I’ve always had a soft spot for Zito, and I really want to see him excel in San Francisco.  That is the reason why this game has affected me the way it has.  Zito easily outdueled out Kershaw on this day.  He went 7.1 innings, gave up one run, allowed four hits, walked one, and struck out three.  The big differences, walks and strikeouts.  Zito had less of each, and still managed to pitch a game that was equally, if not more, effective.

If you don’t know what happened, Barry Zito was pulled with Manny Ramirez coming to the plate with one man on base.  Sergio Romo comes in to pitch, and Manny smashes it into the left field seats.

I am not a Giant fan, and I don’t hate the Dodgers, but my heart sank when I saw that.  I felt so bad for Barry Zito because his performance on the mound was all for nothing.  He was at 102 pitchers, he could have faced Manny, but the manager played the matchup, and I don’t necessarily blame him.  I just wanted to write this to make sure Barry’s game wasn’t forgotten.

Richard.jpgAnother subject I wanted to touch upon was that of another Clayton.  Clayton Richard of the Padres to be exact.  For the first time really, I closely watched him yesterday against the Giants.  This kid really has good stuff, I was very surprised when I saw him hit 95 on the gun, I didn’t know he had it in him.  He has a pretty good slider to go along with it, and he seemed to have good control yesterday, walking only one in 6.1 innings.  He got 11 ground-ball outs yesterday as well, thanks in part to a sinker.  What I’m trying to say is that if you haven’t seen this kid pitch yet, please do.  He really impressed me and I look forward to his future.

Duel of the Day – April 10, 2010

Yesterday had Homer Bailey and Brandon Morrow make their first starts of 2010.  While neither of them were spectacular, it was good to see them back on the mound.  They are two of my favorite young pitchers who I expect to break through sooner or later.  Also, J.A. Happ made his first start of 2010 as well, and while he threw a lot of pitches, he didn’t allow a run and got the win in an 8-0 rout of the Astros.

Pitchers who were good (in my eyes at least) yesterday:
Jorge De La Rosa: W (1-0), 7 IP, 0 R, 9 K’s, 1 H, 1 BB
Tim Hudson: ND (0-0), 7 IP, 2 R, 2 K’s, 3 H, 0 BB
David Price: W (1-0), 7.2 IP, 3 R, 7 K’s, 7 H, 3 BB
Colby Lewis: W (1-0), 7 IP, 1 R, 3 K’s, 5 H, 4 BB
Hiroki Kuroda: W (1-0), 8 IP, 1 R (0 ER), 7 K’s, 5 H, 1 BB
Tim Wakefield: ND (0-0), 7 IP, 2 R, 6 K’s, 6 H, 1 BB

Honorable Mentions:
Rodrigo Lopez

The Matchups:

1:05: Cleveland Indians (Mitch Talbot, 0-0, -.–) at Detroit Tigers (Jeremy Bonderman, 0-0, -.–)

1:05: Minnesota Twins (Scott Baker, 0-1, 7.71) at Chicago White Sox (Freddy Garcia, 0-0, -.–)

1:10: Chicago Cubs (Carlos Zambrano, 0-1, 54.00) at Cincinnati Reds (Aaron Harang, 0-1, 5.40)

1:10: Washington Nationals (John Lannan, 0-1, 12.27) at New York Mets (Oliver Perez, 0-0, -.–)

3:10: New York Yankees (CC Sabathia, 0-0, 8.44) at Tampa Bay Rays (Wade Davis, 0-0, -.–)

3:10: St. Louis Cardinals (Jaime Garcia, 0-0, -.–) at Milwaukee Brewers (Yovani Gallardo, 0-1, 3.86)

3:10: Seattle Mariners (Felix Hernandez, 0-0, 4.05) at Texas Rangers (Matt Harrison, 0-0, -.–)

7:05: Philadelphia Phillies (Jamie Moyer, 0-0, -.–) at Houston Astros (Felipe Paulino, 0-0, -.–)

7:05: Toronto Blue Jays (Dana Eveland, 0-0, -.–) at Baltimore Orioles (David Hernandez, 0-0, -.–)

7:10: Los Angeles Dodgers (Vicente Padilla, 0-1, 14.54) at Florida Marlins (Josh Johnson, 0-1, 7.20)

7:10: Boston Red Sox (Josh Beckett, 0-0, 9.64) at Kansas City Royals (Zack Greinke, 0-0, 1.50)

8:10: Pittsburgh Pirates (Zach Duke, 1-0, 3.60) at Arizona Diamondbacks (Dan Haren, 1-0, 1.29)

8:10: San Diego Padres (Mat Latos, 0-0, -.–) at Colorado Rockies (Jason Hammel, 0-0, -.–)

9:05: Oakland Athletics (Ben Sheets, 0-0, 3.60) at Los Angeles Angels (Jered Weaver, 1-0, 4.50)

10:05: Atlanta Braves (Derek Lowe, 1-0, 7.50) at San Francisco Giants (Todd Wellemeyer, 0-0, -.–)

A nice full schedule on this Saturday, with one specific game jumping out at me.  Josh Beckett faces Zack Greinke, and that could be a phenominal pitchers duel.  Beckett has some inflated numbers after a poor Opening Night performace, but obviously there is zero reason to hit the panic button.  Zack Greinke was easily the most deserving pitcher to win the Cy Young last year, anybody who thinks otherwise is dead wrong.  Sadly, I don’t believe he can put up a season like that again, but he’ll still be a dominant force on the mound.

Duel of the Day – April 6, 2010

Roy Halladay, you are amazing.  I thought I loved you before, but, man, I had no idea.

Pitchers who were good (in my eyes at least) yesterday:
Mark Buehrle: W (1-0), 7 IP, 0 R, 3 K’s, 3 H, 1 BB
Roy Halladay: W (1-0), 7 IP, 1 R, 9 K’s, 6 H, 2 BB
Shaun Marcum: ND (0-0), 7 IP, 3 R, 6 K’s, 2 H, 1 BB – No Hitter into the 7th
Scott Feldman: ND (0-0), 7 IP, 3 R, 3 K’s, 5 H, 0 BB
Dan Haren: W (1-0), 7 IP, 1 R, 4 K’s, 3 H, 0 BB
Tim Lincecum: W (1-0), 7 IP, 0 R, 7 K’s, 4 H, 0 BB

Honorable Mentions:
Johan Santana
Ubaldo Jimenez
Yovani Gallardo

The Matchups:

7:10: Baltimore Orioles (Kevin Millwood, 0-0, -.–) at Tampa Bay Rays (James Shields, 0-0, -.–)

7:10: New York Yankees (A.J. Burnett, 0-0, -.–) at Boston Red Sox (Jon Lester, 0-0, -.–)

8:05: San Francisco Giants (Barry Zito, 0-0, -.–) at Houston Astros (Wandy Rodriguez, 0-0, -.–)

8:10: Colorado Rockies (Greg Smith, 0-0, -.–) at Milwaukee Brewers (Randy Wolf, 0-0, -.–)

9:40: San Diego Padres (Chris Young, 0-0, -.–) at Arizona Diamondbacks (Edwin Jackson, 0-0, -.–)

10:05: Minnesota Twins (Nick Blackburn, 0-0, -.–) at Los Angeles Angels (Joe Saunders, 0-0, -.–)

10:05: Seattle Mariners (Ian Snell, 0-0, -.–) at Oakland Athletics (Dallas Braden, 0-0. -.–)

The most interesting matchup up the day in my opinion in the Burnett/Lester game.  Both of these pitchers have potential to throw No Hitters (oh right, they have), but they aren’t always perfect.  That is especially true for Burnett.  He is one of the best examples of Jekyll and Hyde when it comes to pitchers.  His control will dictate how he does tonight.

Another game to check out would have to be the Giants/Astros.  Zito and Rodriguez are both good pitchers (yes, I said Zito is good), so it could be a good one.

Duel of the Day Returns! – Opening Night 2010

I would say Happy Easter, but around these parts Easter is clearly not the most important thing on tap for the day.

The World Champion (ouch) New York Yankees travel to Fenway to take on the Red Sox (whom I have winning the World Series this year) to start the 2010 Major League Baseball season.

The Matchup:

8:05: New York Yankees (CC Sabathia, 0-0, -.–) at Boston Red Sox (Josh Beckett, 0-0, -.–)

I just realized that I have these two pitchers finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively in the Cy Young voting this year.  I’m really expecting a big season out of Beckett, he plays a very big part into why I think the Red Sox will take that World Series this year.  Here are the numbers that Sabathia and Beckett put up last year, and in 2010 Spring Training as well.

CC Sabathia:
2009: 19-8, 3.57 ERA, 230.0 IP, 197 K’s
Spring: 1-1, 7.23 ERA, 18.2 IP, 15 K’s

Josh Beckett:
2009: 17-6, 3.86 ERA, 212.1 IP, 199 K’s
Spring: 1-1, 3.72 ERA, 19.1 IP, 22 K’s

For the record, I have no real reason for putting up the Spring stats, I’m just trying to kill time and fill space.  Either way, I cannot wait for this game, and I cannot wait for tomorrow.  Enjoy everybody!

The 2010 Prediction Show (Brought to you by, The Pitcher’s Duel)

I love this time of year.

Spring is winding down.  Teams are getting ready for the move home.  The weather is getting warmer in chilly Buffalo.  What does this mean?

It is time to make my predictions.

It’s something every real fan does, and I really put an awful lot of thought into each pick.  I refuse to wait any longer.  I have my iTunes playing (Well I Wonder by The Smiths is currently on) and I am ready to go.

American League East:
Boston Red Sox
New York Yankees – Wild Card
Tampa Bay Rays
Baltimore Orioles
Toronto Blue Jays

The only hard part about this was deciding who was going to win the division.  When Boston signed Adrian Beltre, I said the division was theirs, but it really wasn’t that easy.  After looking at the Champs, I realized that they have some holes, the outfield especially.  Now I know Boston isn’t perfect, but I think Beckett, Lester, and Lackey are stronger than Sabathia, Burnett, and Vazquez, therefore, the nod goes to Boston.  Although, that Yankee bullpen is much stronger…

American League Central:
Chicago White Sox
Minnesota Twins
Detroit Tigers
Kansas City Royals
Cleveland Indians

When it was made official that Joe Nathan was going to miss the entire year, my pick of the White Sox was made unanimous.  Buehlre, Peavy, Floyd, and Danks may be the strongest 1-4 out of any rotation in the MLB.  If you combine that pitching with a pretty good offense, it is an easy decision for me to pick them to win the Central.

American League West:
Los Angeles Angels
Seattle Mariners
Texas Rangers
Oakland Athletics

I couldn’t bring myself to believe the hype and choose everybody’s favorite “sexy” pick in the Seattle Mariners.  I tried and tried, but I could not see a way that they were convincingly the best team in the West.  While Hernandez and Lee may be the best 1-2 punch in the bigs, I don’t believe the rest of the rotation, or the bullpen, are strong enough.  The Angels, while worse than last year, have experience on their side, which can sometimes take a team a long way.  I really wish the Rangers had at least one starter who I could count on to win like 17 games, if so, they might be the winners.

National League East:
Philadelphia Phillies
Atlanta Braves – Wild Card
Florida Marlins
New York Mets
Washington Nationals

Going against my superstitions for the first time ever, I truly believe my Phillies can take the division once again.  The addition of Roy Halladay should do great things for us, especially combined with our again dangerous offense.  The Braves are my pick to win the Wild Card, that is no misprint.  Their starters look incredibly strong, and I think the offense will be able to click, giving them a playoff birth.  I was very tempted to put the Mets third, but those Marlins always seem to find a way to be good, regardless of anything.

National League Central:
St. Louis Cardinals
Chicago Cubs
Cincinnati Reds
Milwaukee Brewers
Houston Astros
Pittsburgh Pirates

Last year, I had the Reds finishing in second place.  While they let me down then, I can’t see it happening again.  While Seattle is the true “sexy” pick for the 2010 season, the Reds should be the “pretty attractive” pick.  Injuries were the only thing to really plague then in ’09, along with some shaky pitching, so if they can stay healthy, I think they’ll surprise a lot of people.  Don’t be surprised if they take second from the Cubbies.

National League West:

Los Angeles Dodgers
Colorado Rockies
Arizona Diamondbacks
San Francisco Giants
San Diego Padres

The Dodgers are very similar to the Angels, in that experience might very well give them the edge over the other teams in the division.  I do think that there are some holes in the Dodger rotation, but the bullpen and the offense are just so much better than the rest.  The Giants and the Diamondbacks may very well switch places in real life, but I just don’t believe the Giants have the offense to produce a winning team.

Other Things to Predict:

American League MVP:
Gold – Mark Teixeira
Silver – Alex Rodriguez
Bronze – Evan Longoria

American League Cy Young:
Gold – Felix Hernandez
Silver – CC Sabathia
Bronze – Josh Beckett

National League MVP:
Gold – Albert Pujols
Silver – Hanley Ramirez
Bronze – Ryan Howard

National League Cy Young:
Gold – Roy Halladay
Silver – Adam Wainwright
Bronze – Matt Cain

American League Best Record:
Boston Red Sox

American League Worst Record:
Toronto Blue Jays

National League Best Record:
St. Louis Cardinals

National League Worst Record:
San Diego Padres

American League Championship Series:
Boston Red Sox over New York Yankees

National League Championship Series:
Philadelphia Phillies over Atlanta Braves

The 2010 World Series:
Boston Red Sox over Philadelphia Phillies – 6 Games