Duel of the Day – Saturday, July 18, 2009

The performance of the day yesterday would have to go to Roy Oswalt.  Complete game against the Dodgers, 4 hits, 1 run, and 5 strikeouts.  Other good showings were put in by Felix Hernandez, Tim Lincecum, Paul Maholm, and Chris Carpenter.  Phillies had a nice win yesterday, it took 12 innings to do it and it came after we gave up a 2 run lead in the 8th, but hey, it’s a win.

The matchups:

Detroit Tigers (Justin Verlander, 10-4, 3.38) at New York Yankees (CC Sabathia, 8-6, 3.86)

Boston Red Sox (Brad Penny, 6-3, 4.71) at Toronto Blue Jays (Marc Rzepczynski, 0-1, 3.00)

New York Mets (Johan Santana, 10-7, 3.09) at Atlanta Braves (Kenshin Kawakami, 5-6, 4.26)

Baltimore Orioles (Brad Bergensen, 6-3, 3.54) at Chicago White Sox (Mark Buehrle, 9-3, 3.66)

Los Angeles Angels (Jered Weaver, 10-3, 3.22) at Oakland Athletics (Vin Mazzaro, 2-5, 3.59)

Chicago Cubs (Randy Wells, 4-4, 2.72) at Washington Nationals (Jordan Zimmermann, 3-4, 4.50)

San Francisco Giants (Barry Zito, 5-9, 5.01) at Pittsburgh Pirates (Charlie Morton, 1-2, 4.29)

Seattle Mariners (Jarrod Washburn, 6-6, 2.96) at Cleveland Indians (Tomo Ohka, 0-3, 6.40)

Milwaukee Brewers (Manny Parra, 3-8, 6.78) at Cincinnati Reds (Aaron Harang, 5-9, 4.18)

Philadelphia Phillies (Joe Blanton, 6-4, 4.44) at Florida Marlins (Josh Johnson, 8-2, 2.74)

Tampa Bay Rays (Scott Kazmir, 4-5, 7.11) at Kansas City Royals (Zack Greinke, 10-5, 2.12)

Arizona Diamondbacks (Danny Haren, 9-5, 2.01) at St. Louis Cardinals (Adam Wainwright, 10-5, 3.04)

Minnesota Twins (Scott Baker, 7-7, 5.42) at Texas Rangers (Scott Feldman, 8-2, 3.83)

Colorado Rockies (Jason Hammel, 5-4, 4.43) at San Diego Padres (Kevin Correia, 6-7, 4.50)

Houston Astros (Mike Hampton, 5-6, 4.52) at Los Angeles Dodgers (Clayton Kershaw, 7-6, 3.16)

*Yesterday I put down Tomo Ohka as the starter for the Indians, which MLB.com told me he was going to be.  David Huff ended up starting that game and Tomo Ohka will start today.

The rundown:

Verlander/Sabathia very well could be a pitchers duel, but i’m not at all interested in it.  Yet I bolded it nonetheless because they are who they are.  I’ve never been too high on Verlander and Sabathia is slightly above average this year.  This one could be really special, maybe some dueling complete games?  Oh wait, my dreams were shattered because their playing in the cathedral bandbox in the Bronx.

This is one that I really like.  I know Kazmir hasn’t been himself this year, but just imagine he can turn it on tonight against Greinke, who will also have to pitch good tonight.  I think Kazmir can turn this season around.  Maybe the All-Star break did him some good, you never know.  I’m also hoping that we don’t see the fall of Zack.  Many times has a pitcher come out of nowhere and be spectacular and then falter some time after the All-Star break (Edinson Volquez anybody?).  I think Greinke is different, his stuff is too good, his variation is too good, and his mechanics are too good. 

Danny Haren comes back to his first home, St. Louis.  Haren has been unreal this year, sadly he’s been lost in the desert, not to me though, I do my best to watch him just about every time.  This guy just makes it look so easy.  His opponent, Adam Wainwright, is no slouch himself, he’s going to have to bring his A game because you know that Haren will.  I’m hoping that Haren can leave St. Louis with his ERA sub 2.00.

The notables:

Some pretty good pitchers are going today.  Johan Santana looks to avenge an 11-0 blowout, Mark Buehrle has been very good, he’ll take on the up and coming Brad Bergensen, Jered Weaver will face the A’s, Josh Johnson looks to shut down my Phillies and Joe Blanton, who has been improving.

The winner:

Kazmir/Greinke or Haren/Wainwright?  Since Kazmir has been having a tough season, Haren/Wainwright will most likely be the better duel to watch.  Don’t forget about Verlander/Sabathia at 1:00.  Enjoy the pitching and good luck to Joe Blanton, we need innings tonight.


  1. raysfanboy

    Love it. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I’ll make sure to reference your analysis in my pre-game post tonight. Kaz might benefit from getting his head together after a long break away from baseball. Greinke is great, but he can get beat–especially lately.

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